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Survive Economic Collapse 2016
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Survive Economic Collapse 2016 – The Prepper’s Survival Guide – Economic News

Survive Economic Collapse 2016 Survive Economic Collapse 2016 Survive Economic Collapse 2016 Survive Economic Collapse 2016 Survive Economic Collapse 2016 Survive Economic Collapse 2016 Survive Economic Collapse 2016 Survive Economic Collapse 2016
Anker Power Banks

Emergency Cell Phone Charger

1 Cell Ultra High Capacity Cell Phone Charger. Don’t Leave Home Without One!

How To Survive Economic Collapse 2016


How To Survive Economic Collapse 2016 – Latest Economic News

The U.S. National Debt is growing out of control to record highs! Since the Wall Street Financial Crisis of 2008, the U.S. National Debt has more than doubled to over $20 Trillion Dollars in 2016! This is just the beginning of an Economic Collapse!

Eventually the U.S. Government will not be able to pay the massive interest on this huge U.S. National Debt, and that’s when we will create the coming Global Total Economic Collapse.

Since 2000, the U.S. has lost about 5 million manufacturing jobs, mostly to China and Mexico.

China continues to devalue its currency in 2016, dumping U.S. Dollar Holdings, further rocking the world’s already fragile financial markets!

The Wall Street Financial Crisis of 2008 was just the beginning of the American Financial and Economic Collapse of the U.S. Dollar!

Search for Economic Collapse Survival Products!

What’s Your “SHTF” Plan?

Do you remember Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy? If you hadn’t already stocked up on “Beans and Bullets”, when the SHTF (again), all of the grocery and gun stores had nothing but empty shelves! That’s what always happens in Extreme Emergency Situations and Civil Unrest, but time after time, most people are never prepared!

Are you really prepared for the coming Economic Collapse and the Next Great Depression? Don’t put your plan off any longer! Start developing an Economic Collapse Survival Plan today – Stock Up Today While You Still Can!

SF123A Lithium Batteries

SureFire CA123 Batteries

For All Tactical Flashlights. 10 Year Shelf Life, Extreme Temperature Range! Buy in Bulk!

Emergency Flashlight Batteries

For Emergency and Tactical Flashlight Batteries, we recommend stocking up and standardizing on just one type of Lithium Battery; the ultra reliable CA123A 3V Lithium Batteries with a 10 Year Shelf Life. Buy Now in Bulk and Save!

Emergency Survival Kits

The old message used to be 72 hours, but we’ve seen in disasters like Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, that wipes out your infrastructure, your electricity grid for weeks. Is your family prepared?

Extended Power Outages

When the Economy Collapses, so will the North American Power Grid. Electric Companies won’t be able to get their coal or natural gas supplies, or be able to pay for them. We have added New Power Outage Videos.

Anker Power Banks

Anker 26,800 mAh Power Bank

26,800 mAh Anker PowerCore 26800. 8 Cell Ultra High Capacity Power Bank Charger!

Emergency Power Banks – Cell Phone Chargers

Don’t let an Extended Power Outage leave you with a Dead iPhone or iPad! Anler PowerBanks can give you Emergency USB Charges, and keep your iPhone or iPad charged for days! Comes in many sizes and capacities. Don’t Leave Home Without One!

Emergency Radios

Having a Portable Emergency Weather Radio can alert you to Hazardous Conditions and NOAA Weather Alerts.

Best Home Defense Guns and Ammo

Have the recent Terrorist Attacks in San Bernardino, California got you a little on edge? Are you prepared to stand your ground and protect your home and your family?

The Best Bug Out Vehicles

Searching for Affordable Bug Out Vehicles? Think you need a Bug Out SUV? Ever consider buying a used police car like the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor?

5.11 Push Pack Hiking Pack

5.11 Tactical PUSH Pack

Holds just what you need to grab, plus two water bottles! Featured in Everyday Carry!

The Best Bug Out Bags

Bug Out Bag: A personal, compact, Grab-and-Go Survival Bag that is used to head out of the city to escape immediate danger. Don’t be caught unprepared without one for each person in your family. Featured in the book Everyday Carry!

Safer Investments in Gold and Silver

Morgan Silver Dollars, American Silver Eagle Dollars and 24K Pure Gold Coins are made of precious metals – Not paper and ink.

Emergency Survival Books

Reading Emergency Survival Books and Emergency Survival Handbooks can help you survive.
The Great Crash of 1929

Latest Economic News for 2016

German Government Warning: Stockpile Food and Water

80% Stock Market Crash To Strike in 2016

UK House Prices to Crash – Global Assets Unravel

Brexit Vote: 9th Largest Stock Market Crash

40 Top Bankers Suicides Since March 2013

Another Housing Market Collapse

Government Will Owe More Money Than Entire Economy Produces

Superflare’s Devastating Consequences

Food Stamp Users Near Record High

IMF Warns Global Economy Highly Vulnerable

Risk of Global Recession Rising – Citibank

Gold Surges on Fears of Financial Uncertainty

Ron Paul’s Warning about the Coming Currency Crisis

Citibank: World Economy Trapped in “Death Spiral”

The Detroitification of America

China’s Renminbi Is Approved by I.M.F.

UnitedHealth CEO Regrets Entering ObamaCare

Treasury Orders “Emergency Survival Kits” For Bankers?

Job Losses due to Affordable Care Act

HSBC Imposes Restrictions on Large Cash Withdrawals

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