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Economic Collapse Survival Guide for Economic Collapse Survival 2017

Police Car Burning Police Riot Line Race Riot Fires Police Confrontation Police Riot Line Rioters and Looters Charlotte Race Riots Riot Police

How To Survive Economic Collapse

How To Survive Economic Collapse 2017
Are you prepared for Global Economic Collapse Survival in 2017? A Potential 2017 Global Economic Collapse would lead to Violence and Riots in the USA!

U.S. National Debt: national debt
The Growing U.S. National Debt, over 20 Trillion Dollars (it doubled under President Obama), Bank Failures, Bank Crashes, Bankruptcies, Major Brand Store Closures, Out of Control Credit Card, Civil Unrest, Rioting and Looting, Student Loans, Factory Closings, Plant Closings, Outsourcing Overseas, Unemployment are all signs of a looming 2017 Global Economic Collapse when the SHTF resulting in Civil Unrest, Violence and Rioting like you’ve never seen before!

Do you know how to Prepare For and Survive Economic Collapse in 2017?

Find Emergency Survival Gear!

Top 5 Emergency Survival Gear To Survive Economic Collapse in 2017

Galco Miami Classic

Economic Collapse – Self Defense

2017 Best Emergency Survival Gear - How To Survive Economic Collapse 2017
Self Defense is always a Number One Priority! Innocent people get injured and get killed trying to Survive Economic Collapse! Don’t be a victim – Be Prepared for Economic Collapse Survival Today!

During Violence or Rioting, Military Surplus Stores are always the first to run out of stock when the SHTF! Remember what happened during Katrina? It can and will happen again!

Investigate a State Concealed Carry (CCW) Permit at your County Sheriff”s Office for Personal Protection and Self Defense. A one day 8 hour class is typically required, plus an extensive background check. A CCW will let you legally carry anywhere in your vehicle or concealed on your person or in your Bug Out Bag! Available in most Red States!

For Professional Concealed Carry, the Miami Classic Shoulder Holster is used by Law Enforcement, Military and Other Professionals! The Miami Classic Shoulder Holster can be easily concealed under a suit jacket, coat or vest!

Find Concealed Carry Gear!

Uniden Digital Police Fire EMS Scanner

Economic Collapse – Intel – Comms

2017 Best Emergency Survival Gear - How To Survive Economic Collapse 2017
To Survive Economic Collapse, accurate intelligence and communications are critical, and could save your life! It could mean the difference between “Bugging Out” safely from an urban area, or being caught up in an Economic Collapse Survival situation resulting in Violence, Looting and Rioting.

A Portable Police Scanner easily slips inside your coat pocket or Bug Out Bag and can keep you informed of what is happening right now in your community, with your local Police, Fire and EMS. I carry a Portable Police Scanner with me at all times! You should too!

Find Police Scanners!

An Emergency Weather Radio can provide you with local AM/FM/Weather News Alerts, even if the power goes out for an extended period!

Find Emergency Radios!

5.11 Push Pack Hiking Pack Bug Out Bag

Economic Collapse – Bug Out Bags

2017 Best Emergency Survival Gear - How To Survive Economic Collapse 2017
To Survive Economic Collapse, you might have to decide to “Bug In” and stay put in your home, or “Bug Out” and “Head for the Hills”.

A carefully planned and prepared “Bug Out Bag” or Everyday Carry Bag should contain enough Emergency Survival Gear to least you at least 72 hours.

A “Bug Out Bag” should contain the basic Emergency Survival Gear such as a Pocket First Aid Kit, Water Proof Matches, Emergency Flashlight, Emergency Solar Blanket, AA Lithium Batteries and a Folding Pocket Knife. Carry at least $500 in Small Bills, because Credit Cards and ATMs don’t work during an Economic Collapse or Extended Power Outage.

Find Bug Out Bags!

Mountain House Emergency Food Supply - 336 Hours

Economic Collapse – Food and Water

Economic Collapse Survival can last for several weeks and disrupt local grocery stores and their food supply lines, especially if you are confined to your home or live in a remote area. Rioters and Looters frequently empty out grocery stores first and panicked hoarders can wipe out a grocery store in the first few hours of any emergency or SHTF situation.

Most people take their food and water very seriously, and some people will kill to get enough food and water for their family. Stockpile enough Mountain House Freeze Dried Food and Emergency Drinking Water for you and your family for at least 72 hours or longer! Don’t forget to stock up enough emergency food and water in your Bug Out Bags and your Bug Out Vehicle.

Find Emergency Survival Food!

SureFire E2D LED Defender Ultra Flashlight

Economic Collapse – Less Lethal

2017 Best Emergency Survival Gear - How To Survive Economic Collapse 2017
Not every Economic Collapse Survival confrontation requires the use of Extreme Deadly Force!

This Standard FBI Issue 500 Lumen Tactical Flashlight serves as a Less Lethal Option to overwhelm the night adapted vision of an aggressor with its bright strobe option. It also has scalloped front and rear edges for self defense. I carry the SureFire Defender Tactical Flashlight in my pocket at all times – You should too!

Find Tactical Flashlights!

Pepper Spray gives you another Less Lethal Option you can use to Survive Economic Collapse. Pepper Spray might persuade a looter or rioter to back off and leave you alone. WildFire 18% Pepper Spray has 3 Million Scoville Heat Units – That’s Hot Stuff!

Find Pepper Spray!

Photojournalists Emergency Survival Products Spotlight

Cotton Carrier Systems Camera Harness

Photographers & Photojournalists!

2017 Best Emergency Survival Gear - How To Survive Economic Collapse 2017
If you’re a Professional Photojournalist and have multiple SLR cameras, you know how difficult these cameras can be to take securely on Dangerous Field Assignments. The Cotton Carrier Systems Harness keeps your SLR cameras secure against your body, for all types of Dangerous Photography Assignments.

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2017 Best Emergency Survival Gear - How To Survive Economic Collapse 2017

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