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Survive Economic Collapse 2016 – Emergency Survival Kits – Survival Gear

Survive Economic Collapse 2016
Life Straw
LifeStraw Water Filter
LifeStraw – Filters up to 1000 Liters of Water! Used by Millions Around the World!

Emergency Survival Kits and Gear

How To Survive Economic Collapse 2016 - Financial Collapse 2016 - Economic Crash 2016 - Banking Crash 2016
The old Emergency Survival message used to be 72 hours, but we’ve seen in disasters like Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, that wipes out your infrastructure, your electricity grid and your communications for weeks. Economic Collapse could be even longer. It will be very likely be more than three days before you start getting food, water and other supplies coming in from outside – Plan for at least a week. You can’t rely on the government to protect you!

Having personally experienced one of the worst winter ice storm in Western North Carolina history (5 days without water or power), and the longest power outage in West Virginia (14 days without power), and the Northern California Loma Prieta Earthquake, 7.2, of 1989, I can share first hand what its like to be without power for many days – At home and on the road.

Coleman Stove
Coleman Dual Fuel Stove
Dual Fuel Stove is an easy to use, essential additon to your Emergency Survival Gear!
As kid growing up in Montreal, I’ve lived for a month under the War Measures Act (Similar to U.S. Martial Law) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada during The October Crisis of 1970.

We’ve learned a lot of lessons during these massive power outages – some good, others not so good. You can read all the Survival Books you want, but there’s nothing like first hand survival experience to put everything into perspective – You Are On Your Own.

Find Emergency Survival Kits!
Chef's Banquet Food Source
Chef’s Banquet Food Source
All Purpose Readiness Kit is Great for Long Term Emergency Food Storage!

Build Your Own Emergency Survival Kit

All of these Emergency Survival Kit Items are available from

• $500 U.S. in Small Bills
• U.S. Passport – Leaving The Country Might Be An Option
• Personal Protection Weapon – Hunting Knife or Gun
• Ammunition for Gun – As Much As You Can Carry
Solar iPhone Charger
Pocket First Aid Kit
4 Person Survival Kit
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
Emergency Sleeping Bags
CA123 Lithium Batteries
Emergency Hand Warmers
Emergency Solar Blankets
Emergency Solar Blankets
Solar Blanket provides compact emergency protection in all weather conditions!
Emergency Solar Blankets
36 Hour Survival Candles
Dual Fuel Camp Stove
Camp Heat
• Toilet Paper – Paper Towels – Wet Ones.
Portable Weather Radio
Hand Crank Emergency Radio
28 Day Emergency Food Supply
LED Flashlight
Water Proof Matches
• Pen and Paper – Duct Tape.
Body WashShampoo – Deodorant – Tooth Paste.
8 Hour White Glow Sticks
• Alcohol Hand Sanitizes – Purell.
• Paper Plates – Bowls – Silverware.
• Any Old Cell Phone Can call 911 without a service.
Uniden Police Fire EMS Scanner
Police / Fire / EMS Scanner
Listen to Police, Fire and EMS, Utilities during Emergency Situations, like Power Outages!
Police / Fire / EMS Scanner
Survival Whistle with Compass and Thermometer.
• Duct Tape – Plastic Garbage Bag.
• Small Trash Bags.
Emergency Rain Coats
N95 Surgical Masks
• Thermal Gloves.
• Thermal Socks.
• Thermal Hats.
• Entertainment Items – Deck of Cards.
• Various Board Games – Cards Against Humanity
• Survival Books.
Ambient Weather WR-335
Emergency Weather Radio
WR-77 includes a standard USB port for charging smart phones in an emergency!

Ambient Weather Radio – USB Charger

A must for any Bug Out Bag, the WR-77 includes a standard USB port for charging smart phones and other portable devices in an emergency. Because the WR-77 uses 4 standard AA Lithium Batteries, you are never without emergency power. AA Lithium Batteries will provide at least two complete charge cycles for most smart phones.

Emergency Weather Radio In association with
Anker Power Banks
Anker 26,800 mAh Power Bank
26,800 mAh Anker PowerCore 26800. 8 Cell Ultra High Capacity Power Bank!

Anker 26,800 mAh Power Bank (8 Cells)

Mega Prepper Power! Fast-Charging Technology: Exclusive to Anker, PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies combine to provide universal full speed charging for non-Quick Charge devices, up to 2.4 amps per port. 3 USB Output Ports.

Ultra-High Capacity: PowerCore+ 26800 is the world’s highest capacity portable charger with Quick Charge 2.0 technology. It charges the iPhone 6S ten times!

Anker 26,800 mAh Power Bank In association with

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