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Protective Body Armor and Bulletproof Vests for Economic Collapse

Economic Collapse Survival Guide - Citizen Armor Protective Body Armor - Bulletproof Vests

Citizen Armor Body Armor

How To Survive Economic Collapse 2017
Citizen Armor believes all law-abiding citizens should have the right to defend their loved ones from all threats, foreign and domestic. Citizen Armor’s Carbon NanoTube Technology continues to provide our legendary bullet-bouncing power to the sheepdogs of society who keep the wolves at bay!

Citizen Armor Protective Body Armor

Check out Citizen Armor’s Bulletproof Vests and Bulletproof Backpacks made From Carbon NanoTube Technology. These are perfect for Economic Collapse Survival.

Citizen Armor Products!

Citizen Armor SHTF Tactical XPC Vest

Citizen Armor Tactical XPC Vest

The Citizen Armor SHTF tactical vest is designed for maximum protection. Made to hold soft armor and plates, SHTF will provide you the needed protection in dangerous environments. With its padded interior and shoulders for added comfort and articulation, you will be able to perform at your peak in the field!

Bulletproof Vest Stops up to .44mag.
Citizen Armor SHTF Civvy Vest

Citizen Armor Civvy Armored Vest

The Citizen Armor Civvy Concealed Vest is the civilian answer to concealed armor vests. It provides full coverage in front, back, and side to side. The Civvy’s carrier is ultra-concealable for everyday use and will provide excellent protection and comfort as you go about your day. Whether blue-collar, white-collar or no-collar, the Civvy will keep you protected from most common pistol rounds!

Bulletproof Vest Stops up to .44mag.
Citizen Armor Tactical Backpack

Citizen Armor Tactical Backpack

Wearing a camo tactical assault Bug Out Bag covered with Molle call out for attention. This Stealth Backpack or Bug Out Bag does just the opposite. Nobody would be the wiser if you employed the side handles and used this as your gym bag. Nobody would take notice if a student wore this around campus. Nobody would pay much attention if you were walking with this following a disaster. This bag helps keep you from being a target to would be predators and looters.

Bulletproof Backpack Stops up to .44mag.

Photojournalists Emergency Survival Products Spotlight

Cotton Carrier Systems Camera Harness

Photographers & Photojournalists!

2017 Best Emergency Survival Gear - How To Survive Economic Collapse 2017
If you’re a Professional Photojournalist and have multiple SLR cameras, you know how difficult these cameras can be to take securely on Dangerous Field Assignments. The Cotton Carrier Systems Harness keeps your SLR cameras secure against your body, for all types of Dangerous Photography Assignments.

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How To Survive Economic Collapse 2017

Economic Collapse Survival Guide

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